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The general interpreter and the medical interpreter


Hi, everyone. How are you today?

Today we will talk about the difference between the general interpreter and the medical interpreter.

An interpreter can translate what you say but not further more. If you go to a health check up with an interpreter without a medical knowledge, you may feel anxious if you are not well or if you are under pressure to talk to the medical staff.

You need to feel comfortable and courage to talk to them.

If you go to a health checkup with medical interpreter, you are supported and assisted how you talk about your details and circumstances to the medical staff. The medical interpreter knows what you need to tell and what you want to say based on their medical knowledge.

Whenever you go to a medical facility, you feel anxious. You want the medical staff to understand you well without the barrier of language and also knowledge.

Doctor, nurses, and medical interpreters are ready for your assist.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.





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