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Nurse for Every Single Patient

 We started visiting nursing services in 2015, and focused on hand-to-hand services, we provide high-quality nursing care and nursing services by nurses who have undergone hospitality etiquette training, and we thoroughly pursue customer satisfaction.


In recent years, the number of foreign nurses has increased, and "Medilator" was born with the hope that foreign customers can receive Japanese medical care and nursing with peace of mind.

We dispatch nurses to hospitals, nursing homes, and companies.

・Bilingual Nurses

 (English, Chinese, Korean, Burmese)

・Aroma-massage Nurses

 (for cancer/Edema patient, or company’s welfare)

・Attending Nurses

 (for during patient’s flight, or traveling aged passengers)

【24/7 Private Nursing Service】

For those who feel that home visiting nursing care that is covered by the insurance, is not enough, for those who are having trouble with receiving the services they want with the insurance services, and for those who would like to receive services from nurses who are more obliging and mindful of customer service, we can provide the high quality nursing services you desire and deserve.

We also provide accompanying nursing services for several events such as  weddings, traveling, hospital transfers by plane or bullet train.

For our foreign customers, a nurse, who can communicate in their native language, will visit their home or the hotel where they will receive the treatment, so they can receive appropriate treatment and care with peace of mind.
When it comes to our foreign customers, a nurse, who can communicate in your native language, will visit your home or the hotel, or accommodation where you will receive the treatment, so you can receive appropriate treatment and care with peace of mind.


Service Emerged from our experience


Our philosophy is "providing high quality nursing service".

Hello, my name is Aya Nagasugi, CEO of Ambi Co., Ltd.

We provide private nursing service and medical translating service for our clients.


I started this business because I wanted to help people who need Japanese high quality medical service and translating service.

When I worked as a flight attendant for airline company, I helped with interpreting conversations between doctor and passenger, my colleague and a Japanese doctor.

But since I didn't learn medical words in a foreign language, it was hard for me to translate symptoms or what the doctor said in other language.

In 2020, we started a medical interpreting / translating service for foreign patients.

Most of our nurses have 2 licenses, which are a Japanese nursing license and international nursing license.

Even with only one license, they are fluent in several foreign languages and they have experience of interpreting .

- We realized this because we had overwhelming  experience -

We look forward to serving customers from all around the world who have access to Japanese medical care.

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