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Privacy Policy

Ambi Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “we”) will properly manage the personal information in accordance with this policy after recognizing its importance.


【Range of personal information】 

We treat, as the personal information, information that can identify the individual user among the information corresponding to the following items.

1) Information that the user fills out on the screen for inquiry about our service, the screen for applying service, product purchase, and other screens and provided to us.


2) Other information provided by the user with respect to our services.


In our company, a third party other than us will not collect personal information, except for the company to which we entrust the collection business after notifying the user in advance (we conclude confidentiality with us). This privacy policy does not apply to websites where third parties other than us collect personal information, such as links to our services, and we have no obligation or responsibility. Please check the privacy policy of each website.

In addition, the information disclosed in our services is limited to the range where individual users are not identified.


【Purpose of gathering information】

Personal information entrusted to us by our customers will be used for sending emails and materials as a contact from our company, as business guidance, and answers to questions.


【Prohibition of disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties】

We will properly manage the personal information entrusted to us by our customers, and will not disclose personal information to third parties except in the following cases.

・With the consent of the person

・When it is necessary to disclose in accordance with the law


【Safety measures for personal information]

We take all possible security measures to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information.


【Inquiry of the person】

If you wish to inquire, correct, or delete your personal information, we will respond after confirming that you are the person.


【Inquiries about private policy】

For inquiries regarding the handling of personal information of Ambi Co., Ltd., please contact us.

2nd floor of Sagami Building, 7-13-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061

TEL: 03-4400-2866 email:




We shall be able to revise each agreement, guidelines and terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “the agreements”) without notice to members. The revised terms shall apply to all members before and after the revision. The revised terms shall be announced on the site or by e-mail.

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