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Flow of the day
(ex:Medical translating service during health check-up)



​9:00 am

Our staff will see you at the place you requested.

*We ask you kindly not to ask our staff any personal information

(for instance, personal phone number, social media, their marital status, etc.).

If you don't respect our staff and ask any personal information, we will be forced to end our service, and you will not be eligible to receive any refunds.

We won't accept your request for our service anymore.


②Please tell the staff when you want them to have their break time

​1:00 pm

If the service exceeds 4 hours, there will be one hour break in the middle of the service.

We will respond flexibly depending on the progress of the medical examination/medical checkup on that day.

*If the staff's break needs to be cut short, we will charge you an extension fee at a later date.

*Our staff will be allowed to have beverages, thank you in advance for your understanding.


③Please tell our staff the termination time

​5:00 pm

When the service ends, please tell our staff whether you want the service will be extended or terminated.


*If we are unable to confirm terminated time, we will extend the service without your permission.

*Please note that the extension may be canceled, if the next customer has a reservation.


​④Extended Payment

If the service is extended, we will settle the payment at a later date and send an invoice to the email.


 *Please finish the payment within 5 business days.



If you would like to have a receipt, please notify us that you would like to receive one, on the application form.

Otherwise, the physical copy (paper copy) of the receipt will not be issued.

f you have specified name or proviso, please enter them in the notes section as well. If you do not specify, we will issue it as follows.



Proviso: Medical translating service fee / Private nursing service 

​Date: Service usage date

*If a paper receipt is required, an additional fee of ¥5,000 (Excl. tax) will be charged for sending it to foreign countries.

(Receipt by email is free of charge)

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